About Gravel Lake

Happy Rock Resort, our lakeside Michigan vacation paradise, includes plenty of private access to the Gravel Lake beach areas and all of the amenities necessary for a relaxing getaway. Gravel Lake, an all sports lake, consists of nearly 300 acres located in Lawton, Michigan in the Southwestern part of the state. The lake is spring fed from the main body as well as its channel and has a spillway on Idle Ease beach. This outlet feeds Big Fish Lake and an inlet swamp named Strawberry Lake located just behind the northern end of Idle Ease beach.

The whole lake features good visibility with a maximum depth of 51 feet and clean, sandy beaches allowing public access. For maps and more information about Gravel Lake, visit www.gravellake.org.

Living Large at Gravel Lake
When it comes to fishing, Gravel Lake hosts some healthy populations of northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, bullhead, and even some walleye and crappie.


You can enjoy water sports such as wake boarding, tubing, skiing, kayaking and zooming around on your preferred personal watercraft - jet skis and wave runners. Just be sure to pay attention to the 'island' in the middle of the lake and be safe by circling in a counterclockwise direction. For speedboat and pontoon rentals, check in with Apollo Marine at www.apollomarine.net. Also, don’t forget to bring your personal lifejackets if you plan on using our paddle boats, row boats, or kayaks for personal exploration of Gravel Lake.

Let us remind you that not every lake is considered an 'all sports lake,' meaning we enjoy no restrictions here at Gravel Lake. Some lakes are restricted for use by certain rules concerning times, speeds, wakes, horsepower, etc. We don't believe in that around these parts.

During the spring and fall, the lake is quieter with fewer kids, so don’t think that summer is the only proper time to join us. While all times of year present different activities around Lawton and specifically Gravel Lake, the Fourth of July holiday usually will find dozens of Gravel Lakers launching a boat parade and an annual Paddle Boat Regatta - just a few events not to be missed. They're fun for all - take our word for it.