Consider the Benefits of a Relaxing Vacation at our Lakeside Family Cabin Resort


While we are currently closed for the winter season, it’s never too early to start thinking about a fun, relaxing vacation at Happy Rock Resort in Lawton. Besides being able to stay in one of our comfortable cabins, there are actually health-related reasons why a great Happy Rock Resort lakeside vacation can be a huge benefit for you and your family. Read further for more information about why Happy Rock Resort is the best location for your summer vacation.

Spacious Living Quarters


With some resort cabins, you get just enough space in which to sleep and little else. That isn’t the case when you stay at Happy Rock Resort. With our Guest House, Mansion, and Sunrise and Sunset options available, we have spacious cabins, each of which can sleep up to six people with several amenities like central air, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. This gives you the best of both worlds as you get to enjoy a rustic, lakeside cabin with all the comforts of home.

Increased Energy Levels


A simple vacation can do wonders for increasing your energy level. Studies have shown that people who take vacation benefit from a recharged level of energy. While you may not feel the benefits right away, you will certainly notice the difference when you finally return to your normal routine. Studies have also shown that workers who regularly take vacation show better performance at work and are happier, resulting in most staying with their companies for a longer period of time.

Feel Happier


Vacations just make people happy. The reduction of your normal day-to-day responsibilities and stress levels will help increase the dopamine production in your brain. Even after you have returned from your vacation, the memories of your experience can make you feel happier than normal for a period of time after you have returned home. This extended happiness will rub off on coworkers and family members, putting everyone around you in a better mood, as well. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to improve your mood and reduce your stress levels by planning a vacation at Happy Rock Resort.

Located on Gravel Lake in Lawton, Happy Rock Resort takes great pride in being Southwest Michigan’s best lakeside family cabin resort. If you are looking for the perfect location for a restful, enjoyable family vacation, contact us and make your reservations today.