The Many Benefits of Taking a Vacation at Our Lakeside Family Cabin Resort


While everyone looks forward to vacation and time spent away from home, there may be some benefits to taking a vacation at our lakeside family cabin resort that you may not be aware of!

They lower your risk of heart disease. There has been data collected that shows that spending time with loved ones and reducing your stress on vacation can reduce the risk of having a heart attack by up to fifty percent!

They give you more energy. It’s been shown that going on vacation helps to build back up your energy levels, which is a huge benefit for when you go back to your normal routine. Also, studies have shown that workers who go on vacation regularly are more likely to perform better at work, are happier, and stay with the same company longer.

They make you happier. While on vacation, your brain is likely to experience an increase in dopamine production. And, even after you’re back from vacation, the memories made and the joy felt can make you feel happier for days, weeks, and even months after you get back. The happiness and positive attitude that you before and after coming back from vacation also helps make the people around you happier, as well.

At Happy Rock Resort on Gravel Lake in Lawton, we are proud to be Southwest Michigan’s premier lakeside family cabin resort. If you would like to experience the benefits listed in this blog, do not hesitate to reach out to us to book your family vacation today!