Three Tips for Catching Blue Gills at Happy Rock Resort Lakefront Cabin Rentals




Fishing is a pastime for many people throughout Michigan. Despite being a lot of fun to do with your friends and family, fishing can also result in a delicious dinner at your lakefront cabin rental. In this post, we will look at three tips for catching blue gills when you stay at Happy Rock Resort lakefront cabin rentals.

Go deep. Larger blue gills and sunfish are typically found in deep water instead of closer to the shore where many people tend to fish. You should also fish in areas by weed edges and other areas of transition. To get to the bottom of deep areas more quickly, use slender spooners with live bait that stir up debris and attract blue gills when they hit the bottom of the lakebed.

Go exploring. Check out areas that you can only get to in a boat without an outboard motor. These areas are accessible by way of rowboat, canoe, or kayak and often contain fish that are less skittish and cautious of fishermen and women.

Use fresh bait. Whether you prefer to use leeches, minnows, nightcrawlers, or other live bait, you want to make sure your live bait is active and healthy by keeping it cool in the hotter months. If you’re using minnows or other small fish, you can keep the water cool with frozen water bottles and if you’re using nightcrawlers or leeches, keep them in coolers with ice packs and out of the sun.